A professional consultancy specialising in the management of trees in urban and natural areas

TreeiQ provides evidence-based tree management solutions and is committed to delivering a high quality service to our clients by providing expert advice and ensuring our work follows current industry best practice.

Our team of consultants has a broad range of academic qualifications and industry experience in arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, heritage and landscape management. We also understand the importance of working closely with experts in other fields such as planners, landscape architects, architects, ecologists and engineers to achieve practical tree management solutions.

 All tree assessments are undertaken by consultants with a minimum qualification of AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) Level 5 in Arboriculture and we are a member of several professional associations. Our clients include development and project management organisations, legal firms, facility/landscape managers, statutory authorities and Local and State Government.

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ANNA HOPWOOD is the Director of TreeiQ and oversees all projects. She has extensive experience undertaking arboriculture and landscape assessments and has been a key member of several policy and planning working groups. Anna is also the principal author of a number environmental policy documents.

In 2006 Anna received the NSW State Medal (Arboriculture) and the Local Government Tree Resources Association Award. 

MARTIN PEACOCK has been involved in the arboricultural industry for 26 years and has worked with TreeiQ since 2006. Prior to moving to Australia in 2003, Martin operated a successful arboricultural company and held a teaching position at Houghall College of Agriculture and Horticulture in the UK.

In addition to his work as an Arboricultural Consultant, Martin is currently working on a research trial investigating the use of bio-fungicides in the treatment of tree wounds in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney.  

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NICOLE O'CONNELL is a Landscape Heritage Consultant with specialist skills and experience in landscape assessment, landscape heritage conservation and impact assessment. She has an extensive knowledge of the principles and processes of the Burra Charter and heritage legislation, and their application in landscape heritage management.

Nicole has worked with TreeiQ since 2007 and has had a key role in the development of a number of environmental policy documents. Nicole provides invaluable advice on the identification, recording, assessment and management of significant trees.

ph. +61 (0)404 424 264 fax. 02 9012 0924
PO Box 146, Summer Hill, 2130 Australia